The past few days have been unbearable.

I cannot stop crying.

5 Years

Dearest Leila,

Happy 5th Birthday from your coward, selfish, and undeserving mother. It hurts me so much to not be a part of your life as I’d love to be. Honestly, it hurts so much that sometimes I try not to even think about the distance between us. Physically and emotionally… Your father spoke wrongly of me from the beginning and still continues to. He always abused me with words and nothing has changed. He still calls me names, curses me, tells me how horrible of a person I am, and how I am not worthy to be a mother– yet he knows many that are. I hope that one day when this passes- you will be able to see me through your own eyes. When you are strong enough. I love you Leila, happy birthday. Thank you for growing into such a talented, happy, smart, and beautiful little girl. I always pray for your best interest. I will always love you, and you will always have my heart.




I can’t decide on a single reason why I hate catching the metro to work everyday. Between the ignorant people that bump you constantly, the slow people that are reading their news paper and dont get out of the way when you’re in a hurry… Or the blurry windows (from dirty hair/hands/faces), the mediocre graffiti that never gets tagged over, people that bring food / drinks and spill, no seats when I’m tired as hell, watching parents abuse their crying children, single tracking, or even just the trouble of walking to and from…

I was late (again) this morning and I had to run! That was not very fun.

Actually I got it now– the metro is the reason I lose 2 hrs of my life…

Me Time

As an only child, I admit…

It’s hard for me to be alone. Everyone gets lonely, but I think I can get depressed very easily. So I find chores for myself to keep me busy. Which causes less time for me to do things for myself.

Today I am pampering myself!



Salad is getting boring!

In a Nutshell

Odd things keep happening.. It’s bugging me out! Today, I walked into the office and to my surprise… My boss got fired! I just saw him yesterday! Of course no one wants to talk and reveal the mysterious reason upper management let him go. However, I always find out the truth– about everything.

He just wasn’t up to par with the expectations everyone had for him. I know, what I’m saying is a bit much vague. Ok- it came to a point where people actually wondered what the fuck he was doing all day with his time. He was unprepared for meetings, was late for work, was a huge softie, couldn’t handle pressure…

It’s sad.. I blame the company / contractor that hired him. A big company should have the common sense to hire someone capable of those basic duties! Hello, it’s important and it’s the standard! Retards…

Anyways, the point of this post is because I think it is necessary to exercise the importance of what needs to be done. Always be grateful for your opportunities, and don’t let anyone take them away…

Where the Magic Happens


A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen…